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Maintaining your Warranty

DO NOT store soap bottles or any objects on the finish at any time!
DO NOT let a leaky faucet go un-repaired.
DO NOT use abrasive cleaners, SOS pads or scrub pads.
DO NOT use bathmats with suction cups underneath.
DO NOT pick at your tub. Anything on the surface of your tub will wipe off within 4 weeks of regular cleaning.
DO NOT use the tub for 10 hours. Your new finish cures in 10 hours, but silicone may take longer to cure. Please ask technician for details.
DO NOT use any cream or powder cleaners on your new tub. Any household liquid cleaners will give you excellent cleaning results.

We recommend cleaning your tub with a cloth or sponge in warm water with your choice of liquid household cleaners.

The best way to keep your tub clean is to wipe it down with a towel after every use. Wiping the tub will prevent water from drying on the tub's surface, which may leave watermarks.

Following these instructions can make your new finish last over 25 years. Our 5 year warranty covers the workmanship of the job. If any of the recommendations are not followed you may void your warranty.

Our warranty covers any peeling, blistering or bad adhesion to the bathtub due to workmanship.

We also guarantee that the bathtub's surface will not yellow or fade. With proper cleaning your new finish is also resistant to watermarks.

Please keep this warranty and your invoice together. In order to do warranty repairs we require your invoice.